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08 July 2011 @ 08:08 am
Everyone, good morning, this is shuji.

Yesterday morning it was raining pretty hard, but then it cleared up and was just cloudy for the rest of the day.

Today's forecast is partly cloudy.

Yesterday was fairly cool, but it looks like today is going to be pretty hot.

Blog Topic: [Celebrities Only] Something You Want Left Backstage

So, since a new blog topic arrived in my inbox today, I think I'll try and take part.

It's asking what we want left for us backstage, but in my case, I generally want things that I'd tend to use while preparing for the show, like bento or simple snacks or candies, things like that.

When we're on tour, they often leave foods or treats that you can only get in that particular area for us to try, so I really look forward to that, too.

But, I wonder what I would actually want to have left just for me~?

On the day of a show, there's a lot of time between when we get there and the actual show starts, and so I find myself not even knowing what to do with all the time I have to wait around...so maybe I'd want something that would be a little bit of a timewaster.

For example, well, let's see!

A long time ago on you's solo tour, a fan had given him a remote control car that the staff put backstage for us, and I thought that was a really good gift.

After all, we played with it the whole time we were waiting around.

And so, something I'd be able to play with, like that remote controlled car, or even something like a video game, might be good to have backstage.

But, there are times when they don't have a TV in the backstage area...

I wonder what the average celebrity would want to have left for them?

So, that's all for today!

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07 July 2011 @ 08:08 am
Everyone, good morning, this is shuji.

Yesterday morning it was nice weather, but then the clouds rolled in and we had some big raindrops.

Today's forecast is cloudy, with rain in the morning and evening.

Anyway, today is July 7, isn't it!

That is, as everyone knows, it's the day that the pachinko parlor has a huge event!

...or...Tanabata! (Laugh)

Everyone, do you all use this day to wish for all kinds of things?

But, since Tanabata falls in the rainy season it can't be helped, but there's a high chance of it being cloudy or rainy, isn't there.

When it's this kind of weather, I feel really bad for Hikoboshi and Orihime, since it's only this one day of the year that they might be able to meet.

If it were just two weeks later, there would be a lot of clear nights.

So, maybe I should try putting up my one wish for the year?

Don't let my readers be angry with me, even if my entries are short!


So, that's all for today! (Laugh)
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06 July 2011 @ 08:08 am
Everyone, good morning, this is shuji.

Yesterday morning was nice weather, but then the clouds came in, and it was cloudy weather until night.

But, it didn't rain in my neighborhood.

Today's forecast is cloudy.

So, I think I'd like to answer more of everyone's questions again today.

The first question is...

I started a new band. I started activities together with the person that was supposed to play bass for us, but he didn't actually tell the band that he was with previously that he was now playing with me. It seems that band decided to invite him to formally join their band as their bassist, and he's already gone around and officially told all of the important people from live houses and things like that, so as a result he really can't go back on his word to join them now. By the way, they never talked to me at all about this, and just asked my bassist to join them and left me behind. It was a major shock, and an absolute betrayal. I just need to accept this as something I need to take out of my life, and move on, I thought. But, what should I do at times like this? I want to be in a band. It's a miserable question, but if you have time, please give me an answer.

Of course, it's a little sad, but really there's nothing you can do other than just do your best to look forward.

It may take a little time, but isn't the best thing to do to find new members, and make a band that's even cooler than that last one you were in before?

Please do your best!

So, the next question is...

Recently I started thinking that I haven't read any books and so I should read something, but shuji-san, do you have any books that you read and thought were really good? If you do, please tell me your recommendations (^ω^)

That book I put up on my blog just the other day, "The Behind-the-Scenes Story of Pachinko", is something I recommend too, but what about that book that's really popular right now, "What If the Manageress of a High School Baseball Team Read Drucker's "Management"?

The one they also call "Moshidora".

That one was so interesting that I had it in an applet on my iPhone and read it almost all in one sitting.

So, the next question is...

If there was a day with the most perfect weather for going out ever!!, what would you want to do, and where would you want to go?

I have a lot of places I'd want to go, but if the weather was nice and the temperature was perfect, I think I'd like to just drive around aimlessly, actually.

After all, when I lived in Osaka, I'd go around a lot without a map, just saying to myself, "Let's go to that mountain over there" or something.

So, the next question is...

Um...since you all went solo, the only one of you to release live DVDs has been ABC. I want a DAMIJAW live DVD, but is it up to ka-yu to decide when you do one? You're doing your tour across all 47 prefectures of Japan, and I'd really like you to sell a live DVD! I'd be glad if you answered when you have time. o(^-^)o

Who does decide that, anyway? (Laugh)

Of course, DAMIJAW hasn't released any live footage, have they.

But, there was a DVD released of you's solo live at NHK Hall.

And so, maybe if we end up playing a show in a huge venue, they may release a DVD of that.

So, the next question is...

If I happen to hurt myself at work, or have an accident while commuting to work, I have worker's compensation, but do artists have this as well in the event of an accident? Like if there's an accident during a show, or if you get injured going somewhere...I don't want to think about things like this, but it's been on my mind lately...(>_<)

I would guess that differs depending on the office that the artist belongs to, wouldn't it?

By the way, uprise, the office that Janne Da Arc belongs to, said at some point I think that maybe we have occupational insurance...or did they...? (Laugh)

Honestly, I don't know the particulars, but I think that if we ever did have any sort of problem, our office seems like the type to take care of us. (Laugh)

So, I'll leave the questions and answers there for today.

Anyway, while I was out on my walk yesterday, there was a new flower blooming, but once again, I don't know a thing about flowers. (Laugh)

Everyone, do you know what this is?


I took a picture, thinking it's a little different shape than usual~

This is a flower, isn't it? (Laugh)

So, that's all for today!
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05 July 2011 @ 08:08 am
Everyone, good morning, this is shuji.

Yesterday was really cloudy, but it was nice weather.

The temperature was pretty high, so it was hot, but since there was a fair bit of wind it was less objectionable.

Today's forecast is cloudy, with rain in the afternoon.

So, I think I'd like to answer more of everyone's questions again today.

The first question is...

shuji-san, when you write songs, do you write the rhythms down so you don't forget them?

Do you mean when I write songs myself? Or when Janne Da Arc writes songs?

Eh, but no matter which way it goes, I never really have kept the custom of writing my rhythms down on paper.

Although in my pre-pro days, I did write notations that only I would understand so that I wouldn't forget the organization of the songs.

So, the next question is...

In Munetaka Higuchi-san's drum solos, he used a combination of the tam and bass and played them really fast, as I saw it, but do you know how he did it? If you do, please tell me.

It's probably that phrase (laugh), but if I'm wrong, my apologies.

If it is, I think he did it just by repeating a standard 3 beat pattern, alternating from right hand to left hand to foot.

I use it a lot myself, but in my case, I use a double bass and repeat my foot motion twice.

Do you understand, I wonder?

So, the next question is...

Do you have any recommended spots or places to go in Okinawa?

This one's a question from someone who plans to go to the Okinawa show on the DAMIJAW tour, but seeing as I'm from Kansai and live in Tokyo, wouldn't I not have any idea either!? (Laugh)

I mean, actually, I'd like someone to tell me the answer to this one.

And so, if anyone who does know Okinawa happens to be reading, please tell me some good places to go~ (Laugh)

So, I'll leave the questions and answers there for today.

Anyway, since this thing was on display at the convenience store at the other day, I bought it to give it a try. (Laugh)


It's a little portable fan~

Moreover, that little white part is something you put water in, and so as the fan spins the water comes at you like an atomizer, so it feels pretty good.

Since this summer looks to be really hot, it looks like I'll be taking this along with me to use whenever I go out.

How about all of you? I really recommend getting one~

So, that's all for today!
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04 July 2011 @ 08:08 am
Everyone, good morning, this is shuji.

Yesterday morning it was cloudy, but it started clearing up, and by afternoon it was a nice day, and hot.

Today's forecast is cloudy, with clear skies in the afternoon.

So, I think I'd like to answer more of everyone's questions again today.

The first question is...

Right now I have two tams, one bass (twin pedal), and one floor (and 9 cymbals). I'd like to make my set into one like yours, shuji-san, but my tam is on a tam holder and can't be removed from the bass drum. How can I set it up so that it would be like your set, shuji-san? In a previous article you were on, I saw a twin pedal bass, but it was a little different from mine...is your tam at an angle? Or is it flat? Sorry for my bad Japanese, but I'd really like a set like yours, so please tell me how to set it up.

Oh, I see, so you'd like to arrange your tams in the same way I do?

As for where my tams are, it's pretty difficult to explain just where they are in words, but I guess in relation to the other tams and snare, I could say they're in a sort of triangle formation?

Something like that. (Laugh)

Then, the angle--since my bass drum is a big 26", I can't do any settings if they're not at some kind of angle, so they have to be somewhat, but when you're sitting down behind them it doesn't look like they're at much of an angle at all. (That's really hard to explain in words.)

It's something like that, but is that an okay answer? (Laugh)

So, the next question is...

If you had the chance to play a set from a manufacturer other than Pearl (like dw or Canopus) and found yourself unexpectedly suited to it, what would you do? I thought I'd try asking, since you've talked about both TAMA and Pearl in the past. Also, if you had the chance to play a Bozzio set, which some are saying is the best foundation set in the world, would you want to play it? (If you said to yourself that you'd play a dw or Pearl set, that is)

If there was a set that I played that I thought really suited me better than the ones that I play now, I maybe, just maybe, would switch. (Laugh)

But, since the only chance I really have to play drums by other manufacturers are when I go to the studio for solo practice, the times I play on them are on sets that have been played by a lot of people, and so are worn out; and so I can't say I've ever thought of any of them as better than the ones I play.

And then, as for the Terry Bozzio set, of course if I had the chance, I'd like to play it, but more than just a set, that seems to be a Bozzio set, doesn't it. (Meaning that only Bozzio himself can play it.)

So, the next question is...

shuji-san, if someone approached you as a romantic partner, but was of a type whom you've never dated to this point, what would you do? Right now, a junior at my company has approached me romantically, and since I've only ever dated older men, I'm a little worried as to how well I would be able to treat him (T-T) I'm pretty bothered by this whole thing (-_-;) When you have time, please give me some advice m(__)m

This is absolutely just a personal opinion, but if it were me, I'm extremely happy just when someone says that they're interested in me, so I'd probably start with dating as friends first, and seeing for myself what kind of person they are.

If, after that, I felt like I could develop feelings for them, then maybe I'd consider dating them romantically?

So, it might be better in your case not to judge them just based on the fact that they're your junior, and find out what kind of personality they have.

So, the next question is...

Before yasu's "Thank you! (or "arigatou!") all five of you line up on stage for your big finish!, but is that decided by your drums, shuji? (laugh) Somehow, at the Dearly show, it seemed to me like you and ka-yu looked back at you and timed themselves around you, after all...(laugh)

That's right, really, the ending is based around my timing, that everyone else matches themselves to.

So, I'll leave the questions and answers there for today.

Anyway, yesterday when I had my camera, Tamu and Chachamaru were sitting together like they do sometimes, so I thought that this was my chance for a picture!
But when I went to take it, it didn't actually take until Chachamaru started hopping away, so I'll put it up. (Laugh)


Moreover, since this picture doesn't look like the ones I usually put up here at all, I'll leave it to you to decide what they're saying. (Laugh)

So, that's all for today!
[Original Entry]
03 July 2011 @ 08:08 am
Everyone, good morning, this is shuji.

Yesterday morning there were some clouds, and a little bit of light rain, but other than that it was just a cloudy day.

Today's forecast looks to be generally cloudy, with some clear areas.

So, I think I'd like to answer more of everyone's questions again today.

The first question is...

The other day, I had a show, but the set list is really important, isn't it? If you had to play only 3 to 5 songs, as Janne Da Arc, what kind of songs would you put in your set?

Until now, we've had times where we've had to put together 3 to 5 song set lists for events that included more bands than just ourselves, but a lot of the time we just choose songs that we can just blaze through from start to finish.

If we have 5 songs, we'll do something like have most of the songs decided, and then wait and see on the last one, or something.

So, the next question is...

shuji-san, out of western food, Japanese food or Chinese food, which do you like best? I like western food (*^∇^*) Sorry to ask such a silly question (@_@;) Please answer ♪♪

Oh, of course, I like western food too. (Laugh)

If I were to put them in order, I guess it'd go Western → Chinese → Japanese?

Though just to make sure, I am Japanese, you know. (Laugh)

So, the next question is...

Before you said you liked "Bakuman", but who do you like? (・∀・) I like Hiramaru-san.

You're asking me who my favorite character is, aren't you.

Since I like "Bakuman" because the story itself is interesting, I've never really thought much about which characters I like, maybe the Jump publishing representative?

Am I a little bit too into it? (Laugh)

So, the next question is...

I'm in my third year of high school, and so it's my last year of wearing a school uniform, but I want to experience a lot of things that you still can while you're young (laugh) shuji-san, what kinds of things make you think of the flower of your youth? (≧▽≦) Do you have anything you look back on and think, "Oh, that was the height of my youth!"? (^o^)

The flower of your youth = passionate love! doesn't it? (Laugh)

Thinking about it now, I get the feeling that when I was young I fell in love with all kinds of girls. (Laugh).

So, all you students, get out there and get involved in all sorts of romances! (Laugh)

So, I'll leave the questions and answers there for today.

Anyway, when I was at the convenience store the other day, I happened to look over at the books they had on sale and saw this one that looked pretty interesting, so I ended up just buying it as an impulse purchase.

As for which book it was, well...


"The Behind-the Scenes Story of Pachinko--Really Exciting Edition" (Laugh)

I just started reading it myself, but the first part was pretty interesting.

Those of you who like pachinko and slots, why don't you try giving it a read too? (Laugh)

So, that's all for today!
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02 July 2011 @ 08:08 am
Everyone, good morning, this is shuji.

Yesterday was cloudy all day, but eh, it was nice weather.

It looks like there were some places in Tokyo where it rained, but it didn't rain in my neighborhood until nighttime.

Today's forecast is cloudy and rainy.

So, I think I'd like to answer more of everyone's questions again today.

So, the first question is...

At ROUND 1, they have Guitar Freaks and Drummania, which you played, but how is it for someone who actually plays drums to play?

Oh, that was in the fanclub magazine, wasn't it.

Eh, that was the first time I had ever played it, but I was actually pretty clumsy at it. (Laugh)

Especially with Drummania, as you may expect, even if you actually play the drums, playing the game is entirely different, and quite difficult. (Laugh)

Of course, I think I could do it if I played the same song over and over again, but since I don't really think I want to get that good at it...(Laugh)

So, the next question is...

Have you ever played "Stranger" live? The guitar solo is so amazing, I'd like to see it (>_<;)

We have played "Stranger" live.

But, I think it was probably during a show that didn't make it to a DVD.

So, the next question is...

Do all the members of Janne read their fanletters? Do the staff read the letters before giving them to the people they're intended for just to make sure that they're okay? Since I don't mind waiting until you have some free time, please answer (*´∇`*)♪

Of course we read them.

The things that are sent to the office are generally given to us by a representative.

I've never had one of my fanletters brought to me already opened, though.

Though I'm sure if it was openly suspicious, they'd check it out before handing it over. (Laugh)

So, the next question is...

shuji-san, have you ever had the curry buns that are only available at the Cocoichi's in the subway station in Nagoya? (^-^) Though I've had the dumplings, which were excellent, but have nothing to do with curry...(laugh)

Some time ago I had some curry bread that someone from Avex bought for me, but that was from Tokyo.

I wonder if those are different?

But, it was delicious!

So, the next question is...

I want to go to the DAMIJAW show in Gifu, but the choice of who I get to go with me is between my younger sister and my mother. And so, shuji, if it were you, would you bring my sister, who listens to Janne and DAMIJAW a lot, but likes ka-yu more, or my mother, who is a beginner with Janne and DAMIJAW but loves you, shuji? (Ha...I got two tickets in advance from the FC, but I can't decide who to bring with me...←even when you just have time, I'd really like to hear your opinion, shuji-san! (Laugh))

No matter who you bring, I'd be glad to have them!

At times like this, I think the opinion of the people who may go would be more important than mine. (Laugh)

So, older sister, please decide for yourself.

Or, maybe you should let your sister and mother decide together?

So, I'll leave the questions and answers there for today.

So, that's all for today!
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01 July 2011 @ 08:08 am
Everyone, good morning, this is shuji.

Yesterday, it was nice weather until about noon or so, but then it gradually got cloudy and was raining until about the evening onward.

But, the rain let up late into the night.

Today's forecast is partly cloudy, with rainfall in the evening.

So, that means it'll be about the same as it was yesterday, I guess.

So, I think I'd like to answer more of everyone's questions today.

The first question is...

When it comes to summer desserts, are you a popsicle guy or an ice cream guy?

I love both popsicles and ice cream, but since I get brain freeze from eating popsicles, if I had to pick one I suppose I'd go with ice cream?

The same thing was true when I was a kid, but am I the only one who finds that they get brain freeze more as an adult? (Laugh)

So, the next question is...

Which do you think is harder on the drums, jazz or metal? (^.^)

I think both of them have their own set of difficulties, but if you're talking about someone like me, who has mostly been doing rock for his whole career, jazz feels as if it's more difficult.

Though, on the other hand, if someone had been playing jazz most of the time, they may find metal more difficult to play.

So, the next question is...

I recently started the bass, but the drummer that I have in my band is really experienced, and is really, really good! But, I don't have any knowledge when it comes to what I should do as a beginner, or what I should keep in mind, when I'm working together with him. (*_*) shuji-san, what kind of contact do you keep with ka-yu? (^o^)

Of course, in the middle of shows and things like that, we have certain parts of songs during which we make eye contact with each other and things like that, but for the most part we're just listening to each other.

Especially since the drums and bass are the base support of the band as a whole, I think it's a good idea to be sure to listen to one another.

Please do your best!

So, the next question is...

Does everyone in Janne use DAW? I would be glad for any tips on how to use the program VSTi that also uses that system. I heard that yasu's demos are really high quality, which got me thinking about it. Please reply when you have time.

I don't really know what they use for recording these days, but if things haven't changed from before, yasu uses Cubase, you, ka-yu and kiyo use Digital Performer, and I use Logic.

Ah, you also used Pro Tools, didn't he.

Since I'm not really that fussy over demos, I've always just used whatever I already had installed on-board to do the recording. (Laugh)

So, the next question is...

What's the difference between TAMA drums and Pearl drums? What made you decide to use Pearl?

Eh, as for what's different about them, depending on where you look the differences could be endless, but in any case, they're different manufacturers. (Laugh)

But, different manufacturers have different methods of production, so that alone makes it so the sound varies widely between each brand.

As for why I chose Pearl, it was because when I was starting the drums, my favorite drummer used Pearl.

It's a pretty simple reason, really. (Laugh)

So, I'll leave the questions and answers there for today.

So, today marks the start of July!

Wow, it's already halfway through the year!

A year really does go by so fast.

Eh, but even more than that, when July comes, you think, today is the start of summer!

Actually, today and yesterday have been really hot, but it'll start getting hotter from here on out.

And so, for those hot days, I bought one of these~


It's a fan~

Moreover, it's a folding type that has a design of one of my favorite things, a dragon.

I guess with having to conserve electricity this year, I'll be able to endure the heat more or less with this! Maybe? (Laugh)

So, that's all for today!
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30 June 2011 @ 08:08 am
Everyone, good morning, this is shuji.

It was good weather all day yesterday, and very hot.

Today's forecast is partly cloudy.

Maybe today will be hot again?

Blog Topic: Celebrities Only: Favorite Non-Japanese Celebrities

Anyway, since I got this blog topic today, I think that I'll take part.

It's about non-Japanese talents, but what they mean is non-Japanese celebrities too, right? (Laugh)

So, if you go with the phrase "Gai-tare" meaning "foreign talents", then foreign artists would be 'Gai-a' right? (Laugh)

Since I'm a musician myself, when someone asks me about foreign talents, foreign musicians immediately come to mind.

And so, with that in mind, I'm thinking about this in terms of foreign artists.

I've listened to a lot of foreign artists up until now, but the artist I've always liked, and still like today, is BON JOVI.

The first time I ever heard of BON JOVI was in junior high, when one of his songs was used in the commercial for a major electronics manufacturer, but I remember thinking, "Oh, that chorus is so cool!" the moment I heard it, and going out to buy his CD a short time later.

And so, it's a band I've liked for about 20 years now.

Moreover, since I grew up listening to Bon Jovi in a way, actually my drumming ideal is the drummer of Bon Jovi, Tico Torres.

A lot of people have been surprised when I've told them this.

Eh, but of course, now my drumming is nowhere near that after all. (Laugh)

But, it's true.

And so, as I get older, I'll have the potential to make it to that kind of drumming in some ways, and become unable to do so in others...(Laugh)

So, everyone, who are your favorite non-Japanese celebrities?

So, that's all for today!
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29 June 2011 @ 08:08 am
Everyone, good morning, this is shuji.

Yesterday morning was cloudy and a little chilly, but a little before noon it cleared up, and after that it was a pretty hot day.

Today's forecast is partly cloudy, with some areas of rainfall.

So, I think I'd like to answer more of everyone's questions again today.

The first question is...

Is the beginning of R-Type a drumroll on the bass drum? Since I've heard that it wasn't when you did it live...when you have time, please answer \(☆o☆)/

Yes, it's a drumroll.

Though I use both feet for it~ (laugh)

So, the next question is...

When the members of Janne Da Arc play baseball, which positions do you play? Since I want to make a Power Pro Ken! team with the members of Janne Da Arc, please tell me! If you've decided on a batting order, please tell me that as well!

We don't really have fixed positions.

We don't really have a set batting order, either, since that changes depending on when we play.

Eh, but if I was forced to say something, I suppose ka-yu ends up being pitcher quite a bit.

Other than that, the other members and I change positions depending on the day. (We sometimes change in the middle of the game, too.)

So, the next question is...

In the commentary track on the Janne Da Arc DVD "100th Memorial Live LIVE INFINITY 2002 at Budokan", during the solo section kiyo said, "It looks like I started playing "Justice" there..." but whose song is that?


I haven't heard that one in such a long time!

Whose song was that, anyway~

If my memory serves correctly, I have a feeling it was you's, but it...let's just say my memory is considerably fuzzy on this. (Laugh)

So, the next question is...

shuji-san, when you get things from fans, or they leave them for you, or give them to you, or send them to you, do you actually use them or keep them to decorate or something? When you have time, please answer m(__)m

If it's something that can be used, of course I use it.

If it's not, in any case, I don't throw it out, and just leave it around my house somewhere. (bitter laugh)

So, the next question is...

I'm practicing my twin bass so that I can play it for 15 minutes straight, but I wonder if I can get any better than that? In the end, I'd like to be able to play something like WIZARD on a twin bass, but shuji-san, if you have any way that you practice it, please let me know how!

Simply put, I think that if you're comfortable practicing the way you are now, you can just keep going with that.

If you get used to playing 16 beat patterns, it's a good practice method to just lengthen them,

Also, of course I practice just playing 16 beat patterns, but I also practice in a way where my feet and hands are working in combination together.

Also, I practice in a way where I start with my right, and then go left, and all sorts of different things like that as well.

So, the next question is...

Now, I'm officially a student who has failed their entrance exams, but I thought that I'd like to make a living playing music. My goal for the moment is, realizing that university is an entirely different road for me, to give it a pass and go straight to a vocational school, but I want to go in it for music the most. Eventually, I want to do nothing but play music, but if I do that, then there's no reason to go to university at all. I don't have any money for tuition, either. And so, I think that if I do go and focus on music, the best thing for me would be to not go to university, and just go straight into band activities. But, since I'm worried about my future...I guess it would be better to go to university...in terms of insurance for the future, music doesn't really have any, does it...I haven't talked to anyone about it, so I have no idea what to do. I would be happy for even just a little bit of advice. Sorry for such a long question.

Since I'm not the type to decide anyone's future, it might be better to just ignore everything I say from this point, but isn't it good to go toward the things you want to do most without worrying about the distant future?

Of course, if you consider the future, it may be better to go to university and graduate, but in this day and age, there are people who still can't find work despite going to college, too.

You only have one life to live.

Please give it your best shot so that you have no regrets!

So, I'll leave the questions and answers there for today.

Anyway, yesterday since my local slots parlor was running a pretty good event, so I went down to play; but yesterday was the first time I played "Antonio Inoki's Feel-Good Pachinko Machine".

I'd never played it before, but since all the machines in that particular area were set up for high payouts, I thought I would give it a try...but no, I ended up liking it quite a lot.

But, in any case I ended up in the black yesterday, and the design makes it a pretty interesting game, so I really recommend it.

Those of you who like pachinko, please give it a try. (Laugh)


So, that's all for today!
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